Research at the Green Building Materials Laboratory (GBML) at Oregon State University includes individual and joint projects from all participating Schools and Departments. Research conducted in this facilities includes new technologies for producing sustainable wood-based materials for structural applications, innovative concrete materials with high recycled content for transportation infrastructure and specialty materials for insulation.

Facilities and equipment are open to other OSU researchers (nominal fees for consumables) and to interested Industry for both contract testing (fee-based) and for their own testing needs (rental fees and appropriate training apply). For more specific information please contact the GBML Staff at: GBML Inquires

The Oregon State University Fee Books can be referenced for both internal (OSU) and external (outside industry) fees. The main categories to search for testing fees possible at the GBML are:

College of Forestry –> Wood Sci/Engr

College of Engineering –> Sch Civil & Construction Engr